Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Some News...

We are expecting baby #5. We are very excited and feel so lucky. I am sick...the nausea gets worse with each pregnancy. I am still figuring out how to cope.

We had a doctor's appointment yesterday. We heard the heartbeat and saw the sweet little baby via ultrasound. (I'll scan the ultrasound sometime). The due date is September 4th, which makes me think it is a boy because that is right when all of our other boys have been born. I am 8 weeks in and praying for the next two months to pass quickly (last pregnancy I kept throwing up until after 16 weeks).

We are planning on adding on to our house. We have three bedrooms and this baby will make a total of 7 people in our family. We looked at selling and buying a new house, but it didn't feel right. We are hoping to start construction in March...depending on how long the loan papers and architecture work take. Does anyone have suggestions or experience with extensive home additions?