Thursday, August 29, 2013

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

School Project: Robin Hood

One thing I love about the school my kids go to is that they don't waste time.  For example...Thomas's grade was assigned to read Robin Hood over the summer.  That way, the very first day was productive with discussions and lessons on the book.  Shortly after school started they assigned a project which was to somehow show their favorite scene in the book.  They could do anything they wanted.  I hear of some kids who did power point presentations, videos, all sorts of different things.  Thomas worked very hard on his project and I was proud of him.  I thought it was very creative and well done.  Good job, Thomas!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Hurt Arm and Potty Training

A few weeks ago after dinner, I was pushing Alexander on one of the tree swings in our yard.  Just as I gave him a big push on the rear, he let go and fell back right on his arm.  He was really upset and wouldn't move his arm at all.  He couldn't crawl up into his bed, or even sit up once he was laying down because he was hurting.  He couldn't or wouldn't tell me where it hurt, so I wasn't sure where the problem was.  I put him to bed and just hoped he would be better in the morning.  That was not the case.  He was up several times during the night crying in pain.  I finally gave him some Motrin and he slept the rest of the night.  That morning he was still not using or moving that arm at all, so I decided I should take him in to the doctor.  After examining him the doctor thought it was a broken arm and sent us downstairs for an x-ray.  There wasn't a brake in the arm, but he was concerned that it might be in his wrist which is a harder place to determine a break for sure in a small child.  He was going back and forth between a splint and a cast and finally decided a cast.  I hesitated and asked if we could get by with a splint and he thought that would be just fine too.  

So...he did a splint and wrapped it in blue tape to make it cool.  That night, Alexander's hand got really swollen, which I took as a sign that there really was a break.  In the morning it was still swollen and a bit discolored, so I called the nurse to ask if I should be concerned about the new swelling.  She asked me to bring him back in (of course).  The doctor took the splint off and let Alexander play around the room for a while.  He started using his arm and hand more than he was using it with the splint on.  We decided that it was probably just a sprain and if he was doing better without the splint to just let it be.  Whew...I was relieved.  The swelling went down by that evening and he got better quickly.  It was still a couple of days before he could pull himself up into his bed, or climb up on the side of Eleanor's crib.  He is completely better now.

We had started potty training a couple of days before this happened and I was so worried that it would throw a big wrench in our groove.  It did a little bit, but we got through it and he is doing really really well now.  He has only had two accidents in the past 5 days and one of them was really my fault.  He spent a couple of weeks running around at home without pants on.  I just love seeing him in is so cute!  Good job my are doing great!   

Monday, August 26, 2013

Smith Visit

One of my dear friends from college recently moved from the Salt Lake area to the Denver area.  Grand Junction is a convenient half-way stopping point, so they were planning on staying overnight here on their way.  They ended up having car trouble near Price and were stuck there for a couple of days.  They ended up only being able to stop for lunch, but I am so glad I got to see them even for just that short time.  
We had gone on a hike as a family that morning, so that is the reason behind the braids.  It is kids love it when I braid my hair like that.  They rarely comment on my hair until I braid it and then they all start saying how they like it like that.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013


A few random pictures from our summer...GIANT armenian cucumbers...DELICIOUS!

My favorite moments to witness are quiet happy times when all of the kids are together.  I caught a glimpse out the window of them playing a card game in the backyard.  I never want to disturb these moments, so I just snuck a picture through the window.

Thomas got in to making duct tape wallets this summer.  Everyone in the family has one and I have five or six in my closet for his friends when their birthdays come around :)

Monday, August 19, 2013

Cub Scout

Thomas came with me to a really quick photo shoot on the way to cub scouts a few months ago.  I asked him to sit and look at me for a few minutes while I got the lighting and my camera settings figured out.  He was obedient and helpful as usual.  I love this boy.  He is so full of energy and life.  He pushes himself and does things over and over and over until he has mastered them.  He is quick to observe when I am reaching my limits and steps in to help me.  He is full of thoughtful questions and wants to understand everything.  He is an expert dishwasher loader/unloader.   He is brave.  I love you, Thomas!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Nori Bug

This little girl is so delicious!  I love to stick my nose right in her neck crack just below her ear, feel her squishy cheek and her fluffy hair and her warm body up close.  She is not a snuggler and demands to be held facing out.  When I try to hold her facing me (which I do every day) she forces her arm between my body and hers and twists and pushes until I relent and turn her around.  She is so pleasant and sweet and happy and lovely.  We love being around her.

Alexander got face with a ball point pen!  I cringe when I look at these pictures and see how close he got to her eyes.  She must have some angels protecting her.

She is a great eater.  I can't think of anything she doesn't seem to like.  She does prefer to feed herself, though, and that is pretty messy.  I think if I was consistent with feeding her myself she would let me, but it is just so much easier to throw some chunks of food on her tray and let her have at it while I help everyone else.

Monday, August 12, 2013


Nicholas was so proud of blowing a bubble gum bubble so big that it stuck all over his face.  He wasn't so proud the next morning when we had to scrub until his face was raw to get it all off :)

It was Nicholas's turn for a sleepover with Grandma Chelle and Bubba.  He was SO EXCITED!!!  He is not one to prepare early for anything, and he was packing his bag the day before.   First thing Friday morning he set his packed bag by the front door and it was a long day waiting for 5:00 to roll around.  He kept talking about where he wanted to go out to eat with them and what movie they would watch and what they would have for breakfast in the morning.  He was excited.  About 30 minutes before they came he said, "Mom, I am just going to wait outside until they get here."  He was so cute sitting on the sidewalk staring down the street watching for their car.  I didn't want him to see me taking pictures of him, so I had to be super stealthy, but I got a couple.  My kids are so lucky to have such wonderful grandparents.

Sunday, August 11, 2013


Alexander has learned how to use scissors. He has been rummaging through the scrap paper drawer until he finds a paper with something he thinks would be interesting to cut out.  Then he gets to work snipping off a little at a time.  I have been amazed at his patience and persistence.  He keeps at it until he is satisfied, or until he cuts off an important piece and dissolves in tears.  We love this sweet little Alexander boy.