Saturday, January 17, 2015

Christmas 2014

I didn't take very many pictures, but here are the ones I got.  It was a relaxed, fun Christmas.  We enjoyed lots of games, puzzles, and songs together.

Phone Cam

One evening for dinner we had what we call "wraps."  I chop up lots of salad fixings, make tortillas, and everyone builds their own wrap with their favorite things.  This is what Alexander built.  He is very very difficult about food lately.  I can't wait for this stage to pass.

Eleanor likes to pick out her clothes, so her drawers get really messy really fast.  One afternoon I managed to get them all in order and knew it probably wouldn't last long, so I took a picture so I could show Jackson when he got home from work.
Sometimes when I do Estella's hair in a way she thinks is really pretty, she wants me to take a picture.
 A few snaps from Halloween.

We scraped the popcorn ceiling off throughout the living room, dining room, entry way, and hall.  We moved all the furniture into the garage, covered the bookshelf and piano, strapped on some dust masks and went to town.  It was a mess, but I am so glad we did it.  It is all re-textured, primed, and painted and it looks great.  I never thought I would love a ceiling, but I sure love this one :)

Math and Science Center fun...

These little mischief makers got into the present ribbon and somehow tied themselves together.  I had to cut them apart!

Estella got her ears pierced!  She had been talking about it for months.  She kept asking me if it would hurt and I kept telling her that, yes it would hurt.  She would ask how much it would hurt and I would tell her I wasn't sure.  She just couldn't work up the courage to do it.  Finally, one day she came home from school and told me a friend had told her that if she got them pierced at Claire's it wouldn't hurt at all.  She wanted to go to Claire's right then.  I asked her if she thought it really wouldn't hurt at all at Claire's.  She thought for a minuted and decided that it would probably hurt a little bit, but not as much as getting it done somewhere else.  I told her to think about it and if she still wanted to do it after dinner, we could go.  She did, so we went.  She was so brave.  It did hurt...but she made it and is glad she did it.

Thomas building some contraptions.
Two pieces of Thomas's artwork from a few years ago.  We were cleaning out his room and wanted to throw them away, but was having a hard time.  We settled on taking pictures of them and then getting rid of them.

Thomas, Nicholas, Brynne, Juliette, Ethan, and Aiden all played two fiddle tunes at a family dance.  It was so fun!  They played while Judd led everyone in the dances.
Over winter break we went rock climbing as a family at a new climbing gym in town.  We payed for day passes, so to get our money's worth we went right when they opened, climbed for a few hours, went home for lunch and naps, went back and climbed for a few hours, went home for dinner, and then went back and climbed for a few more hours.  We had a blast!

Daddy's new shoes are really cute, but really heavy :)