Friday, April 23, 2010

Soccer season

Soccer season has begun (about a month ago). Nicholas wanted to play so bad, but I stuck to my "no organized sports until 5 years old" rule.
Team cheer! Jackson is the coach this year. He does a fantastic job and really enjoys it.
We had some friends over for dinner. Thomas and their oldest son Mason have been on the same soccer team every season so far. They had a fun game before dinner...boys vs. dads. I'm pretty sure the boys won, but not by much :)

Every once in a while Thomas and Nicholas convince Jackson and I to help them build a REALLY TALL TOWER out of blocks! This one survived over 24 hours...I think that is a record. Some neighbor friends helped with the demolition. Thomas has learned to protect himself with a pillow...those block are hard!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Oh Dear...

I think my life is running away with me. I am starting to feel better...HOORAY!!!...but I still just can't seem to get on top of things. I must be catching up a little bit, though, if I am doing this post. Here are a few random pictures of Estella.

...with her friend Paige...known to Essie as "Paigie"

...she will be mad at me in the future for this picture, but I couldn't resist. She is wanting to dress herself completely and ends up with some very humorous outfits. The pink is fingernail polish if I remember right. Don't ask me how she got it probably involved a lot of scrubbing polish off of a floor on my part :)

...with Daddy. Oh how Estella LOVES her daddy!!! Every morning before he leaves for work she kisses his lips, then his cheeks, then his eyes, and if Daddy is really lucky she even kisses his ears.
...with Mommy.
We love our Estella!!!