Sunday, March 12, 2006

Zoo Fall

We had our first head wound this weekend. We are lucky it wasn't very bad. Jackson needed to tile the bathroom floor Saturday, so I took both boys and met some friends at the zoo. Thomas was riding in a wagon with two other two year old boys. Thomas was sitting in the very back of the wagon. The dad that was pulling the wagon said, "Everyone sit down." I'm not exactly sure what Thomas was doing...standing or squatting...but he definitely wasn't sitting because as soon as the dad started pulling Thomas fell backwards out of the wagon and landed on his back and head on the rocky pavement. I turned around just in time to see him laying on the ground, so I quickly passed Nicholas off to someone and picked Thomas up. His head started bleeding a bit, so I pressed my hand on it and found a bench to sit on. People started bringing me all sorts of things...rags, ice, boxes of raisins and crackers. It was great. I held a rag on there tight for a while until the bleeding slowed down enough for me to look at it. It wasn't bad at all and Thomas wanted to get down and run around, so we just stayed at the zoo for a while longer. It was pretty scary for me to see blood coming out of Thomas's head. I don't want to see that again, but have a feeling I just might have to sometime.

Nicholas has been a fuzzy monster the past four days ever since his 6 month shots. Shots didn't even phase Thomas, but they really do a number on Nicholas. He has had a fever and has been acting like he doesn't feel well at all. He wants to be held and walked around constantly...and still isn't very happy. I am really missing my sweet, smiley, happy Nicholas. I can't wait for him to recover.

Saturday, March 11, 2006


I decided to try out blogging. I was a bit sceptical of it until I read an article in a magazine about how it really helped a mom keep a record of their family. I have a journal...well several actually. One for me, one for Thomas, and one for Nicholas. It seems that I have a really hard time getting motivated to sit down, pull out a pen, and write in them. I have a much easier time sitting down and the computer and typing...maybe because I am on the computer at least once a day anyway. Another reason I wanted to try it is that we have a lot of funny things that happen around here and I want to tell everyone about them. The problem is time. I don't have enough time to write everyone an individual email, so maybe I can just send everyone a link to this and they can read it if they want...and not if they don't. We'll see how it goes.