Sunday, October 21, 2007

Thomas Singing

Here is a little video of Thomas singing his two favorite songs. He had an infection in his eye when I took this video, so that is why one of his eyes is a bit swollen. If he knows someone is listening to him sing them, he does it as fast as he can, as you will see :)

Photoshop class

I have been wanting to get more into photography for a long time now. I have read lots of books and am talking about it all the time. Jackson decided that I needed to just go for it, so we bought photoshop elements 6.0 and I signed up for a two night class on the program that was offered at a photography studio here in town called 13 Photography. I didn't want to pay for both the beginning and the advanced class, so I just signed up for the advanced class and tried to figure out the basics on my own before. I just finished the class and it was SO great! I haven't had much time to put into practice the things I learned, but here are a few pictures from our recent trip up the Monument that I played with.

Love Birds
I plan on doing something like this with some pictures of the new baby...or maybe some old pictures of the baby boys, but I didn't have any of those old pictures on Jackson's computer, so I practiced on this one. I can only play with photoshop when Jackson brings his computer home from work, because the one we have at home is too old and slow to even download photoshop onto.
Jackson insisted on taking pregnant pictures of me this time. I think I will be glad I have them in the future.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Doing Better

I am doing much better now. I haven't had any major contractions or any bleeding at all for over a week now. I weaned myself of the medication and have slowly been doing more and more around the house. Thanks to friends, family here in town, and my amazing mom I haven't had to cook a meal yet. I went to the doctor Thursday afternoon and he said everything looked great. I asked him if I could start going for short walks and he said "No." I was bummed. He said I need to wait two more weeks and then I can do whatever I want. I am counting down the days.

Sunday morning before church we decided to drive up the Colorado National Monument (15 minutes from our house) and explore. I don't know if the doctor would consider that a walk, but I don't. We went less than 50 yards from the van. Jackson and I had fun taking pictures. Jackson wanted to get some pregnant belly pictures of me. Thomas is very excited about the baby and often lays his ear on my belly to listen and feel her kick. We thought we would get some precious pictures of this, but this is what we got.

We did get some good pictures. I am out of time, but I will post them soon.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

A Bit Scary

We have had a bit of a scary week. I have been having some bleeding and contractions. I finally went into the doctor Sunday night and they monitered the baby's heartbeat and the contractions. I was having very steady contractions, so they checked me internally. Luckily I wasn't dialated at all. The cervix was soft, but they said that can be normal with a third pregnancy. They gave me a shot of Terbutaline (sp?) which makes your uterus relax (and also makes your heart race and your body shake). That stopped the contractions after a while, so they sent me home with some pills of that to take every 4 hours until I could see my OB. The next morning he saw me and told me to keep taking the pills and to not do anything, grocery shopping, no housework, no cooking. I was very faithful with that all day Monday (which made for very confused little boys and a very busy husband). Tuesday morning I had some fresh bleeding and more contractions, so I called the doctor to ask what he wanted me to do. He had me come in and put me back on the monitor. I was having lots of contractions, so he checked me internally again, and said it was still fine...not dialated, just soft. He said the blood was probably just small blood vessels in the cervix bursting as it softened.

That was all very stressful for me and Jackson and the little boys. This afternoon, however, I have been feeling very calm and peaceful about everything. I might just have wishful thinking, but I don't feel like Estella is going to come too early. I feel that if I take it easy-this week especially- my uterus is going to calm down and I will be able to go off the medication (which I REALLY don't like taking). We have had so much help and so many people call, bring dinner, watch the boys at the last minute, buy us has been so wonderful! Thankyou to everyone that has been so kind and thoughtful!