Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Ragged Mountain-Alexander Stands

At Caprock (the school my kids are now going to) they have a fall break. Not just a wimpy fall break...a full week long fall break in October. We went to a church camp called Ragged Mountain and stayed in a cabin. It was a wonderful time. We really really really really really enjoyed ourselves. We made happy memories. I took LOTS of pictures. Whenever I take lots and lots of pictures of an event...and it is an event I want to document well...I tend to put the sorting and editing and documenting off because I feel like I need a big chunk of time to do it well. The big chunk of time never presents itself, and so the pictures sit and sit until I decided I have to do it whether I can do it well or not. This event is going to come in several small posts, because that is what is more manageable for me.

The most significant event that happened while we were there was that Alexander learned how to stand! He did this differently than any of our other children. The others would pull up on the edge of the couch or a chair and then let go. Alexander went to the middle of the floor, did the stink bug, and then stood. It was the most adorable thing to watch. He was so proud of himself and we were proud of him too. We were all clapping and cheering and smiling and basking in the joy of the moment. I was so happy to have caught this special moment on camera.

This attempt didn't get him vertical.

This attempt was the first successful one. You have to scroll down through about ten pictures to see the whole series. I LOVE that my camera fires like a machine gun! Go slowly and enjoy his joyful expressions in each is fun, I promise!

Oh, we love this little boy!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Tree Falling

We had a tree in the back corner of our yard that was dying. We had a tree expert come look at it and he said the best thing to do would be to cut it down. The tree was very tall....about 60 feet tall. Jackson's friend, Brett, did it for us. He is amazing! If you ever need a tree taken down, call him!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

History Day

One of the things I LOVE about Caprock (the school my kids are going to) is history day. Each grade studies a particular event or time frame in history. Then, for an entire day the whole school has a history day. Everyone dresses up as the people they have been studying. They do projects, eat food, and learn as much as they can about that historical period. It was so fun to walk around the school and see the costumes and feel the excitement. They had the history day on Halloween weekend, so they didn't do "Halloween" costumes, just history costumes.

Sweet Aunt Diana let us raid her costume shed, which was such a stress relief for me! Nicholas was Christopher Columbus and Essie dressed up as Queen Isabella. Here they are pretending to sail a ship.

Thomas's class studied Ancient China, so here he is as a wealthy Chinese man.

Saturday, November 12, 2011


I am doing a rotating preschool with a few friends for our little ones. Essie absolutely loves it. Nicholas enjoys the days when it is at our house...he has afternoon Kindergarten, so he is here during the fun! We did a Halloween party here and the vampire teeth were a hit.

Friday, November 11, 2011