Monday, January 04, 2016

More Swimming from July

I am trying to wrap up the years pictures and get everything ready for printing in our annual blog book.  As I was going through pictures I found a few I hadn't posted from this past summer. is a little taste of summer in the dead of winter :)

Tent Camping

I love camping.  I grew up camping with my family and have so many great memories.  Jackson and I bought a tent shortly after getting married and had grand plans to use it a lot.  Then I got pregnant and started having babies.  Suddenly camping didn't sound very fun anymore.  My babies didn't nap well anywhere but their cribs and putting them in a tent sounded like misery to me.  We did a bit of "cabin camping" and really enjoyed that, but hadn't done any real tent camping.  I decided my kids were all finally old enough for it to be an enjoyable experience for everyone, so we were going to give it a shot.  My brave sister agreed to join us and we met at a campground in between our houses.  It was a complete success!  A whole lot of work and very exhausting, but definitely a success.  Hooray for camping!