Friday, April 18, 2014

Thomas's Teeth

Thomas is missing two permanent molars underneath the baby molars.  When his orthodontist first saw this he told me we should just watch and hopefully be able to keep the baby teeth as long as possible.  The next time we went in to him he took more xrays to check on them and they had fused to the bone and needed to come out.  We went to our fabulous dentist to have them removed.  Poor Thomas!  He was so brave and patient.  It took a long long time.  Those roots were seriously fused to the bone!  The dentist ended up cutting the teeth in pieces before removing them.  Then he had to drill around in there to get all of the roots.  Once he thought he had it all, he took xrays to be sure and there was some root left on one side that he had to go back in and drill out.  This is a picture of the xray.  He was a bit pale, but still smiling.   

Grammy's Funeral

I am not going to write a tribute to Grammy, because the thought overwhelms me.  Her funeral was a celebration of her life and a reunion for the people who loved her.  All of her living children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren were there.  We had dinners together four nights in a row if I remember correctly.  I put down the names of the young children so we can remember who is who when they get older.

Eleanor and Hugo

Jonathan, Kara, Eleanor, and Hugo

Bubba and Gordon

Sam Bennett

Kara and Karen

Karen, Kara, Hugo, and Alexander

Alexander and Sam

Jonathan and David

Eleanor and Kara