Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Ballet Shoes

Estella took ballet for several months.  She would still like to be, but I didn't love many things at our last studio, so am looking for another one right now.  After seeing her in awe of the girls dancing 'en pointe' I decided to show her my old ballet shoes.  She loved them so much she wore them all afternoon, even while practicing the piano.  She took them the next day to school for 'show-and-tell.'  I love that she loves them so much.  I love dancing and the discipline, strength, and expression you can learn through it.  I worry about the focus it often puts on physical appearance and weight.  It is so amazing the different way you view things when you are a mother and your child is participating!

Student of the Month

At school they focus on one positive character trait each month by teaching about it and encouraging the kids to live it.  At the end of the month the teachers choose one boy and one girl from their class that they feel most demonstrated that attribute.  They are only allowed to be chosen once in the year.  Estella was chosen the first month of the year and I failed to take a picture.  Thomas and Nicholas were both chosen last month. The attribute was being considerate.  I can't remember what it was when Estella was chosen.

Pinewood Derby

Only Snow of the Winter

We had the most dry, warm winter I can remember since we have lived here.  This was the only snow that lasted long enough for the kids to play in.  I didn't mind dealing with the snow suits, gloves, boots, hats, and dripping pile of clothes only once this year.  The fun is worth the work and mess, though.

Christmas Extras

Cooking decorating with the Janz's.  

Christmas Eve hike with the DeFord's.