Thursday, August 30, 2007


I just finished my pictures from June, so here are a few fun things we did that month.

We went to Fillmore to visit my family. There is a skate park that the boys love to play on. We brought cars for them to race down the jumps. They had a blast.

Jackson and Thomas

My mom (Isn't she beautiful?!) and Nicholas.

Later that month we took a trip to a lake (I forgot the name) with Jackson's parents and his brother and his wife and 4 kids. Jackson's dad brought the sail boats. He actually made the one with the white sail. He is amazing! We all had a great time taking turns sailing around the lake.

Thomas and Bubba (Jackson's dad)


Nicholas on the shore


Jamie said...

I love the skate park in fillmore, My nephew skateboards so I use his board and ride down the ramps sitting on the skateboard.

mary said...

Your Mom IS beautiful... at first I thought it was you! Looks like a fun time!