Thursday, November 17, 2011

History Day

One of the things I LOVE about Caprock (the school my kids are going to) is history day. Each grade studies a particular event or time frame in history. Then, for an entire day the whole school has a history day. Everyone dresses up as the people they have been studying. They do projects, eat food, and learn as much as they can about that historical period. It was so fun to walk around the school and see the costumes and feel the excitement. They had the history day on Halloween weekend, so they didn't do "Halloween" costumes, just history costumes.

Sweet Aunt Diana let us raid her costume shed, which was such a stress relief for me! Nicholas was Christopher Columbus and Essie dressed up as Queen Isabella. Here they are pretending to sail a ship.

Thomas's class studied Ancient China, so here he is as a wealthy Chinese man.

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Ashley Beth said...

Ha! That cool ramp has SOOOO many good uses! It's a perfect ship to set sail in. And those kiddos are too cute in their costumes. Love it!