Saturday, December 03, 2011

Ragged Mountain-The Cabin

There are several cabins at Ragged Mountain. I reserved the smallest one for our family. When we arrived the groundskeepers were upset and let us know that the water was shut off. They felt bad that we had came all that way, but they thought it best that we not stay. They didn't have our phone number, and couldn't contact us earlier. We told them that we really didn't mind not having any running water as long as they could share a bit of drinking water with us. They gave us plenty of water, let us stay in a bigger cabin, and then wouldn't let us pay.

There is a small lake right in the front yard of this cabin. It was beautiful!

I think the kids' favorite thing about the cabin was the stairs. Our house doesn't have any stairs, so they are a bit of a novelty. They took turns jumping off the stairs, edging up to a higher stair each time until it was really quite a jump! Nicholas actually jumped from the highest, which scares me. I could see wheels turning inside both Thomas and Estella's heads. They were thinking through the consequences of jumping from too high. Nicholas didn't think at all...just threw himself out into the air.

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