Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Newborn Photoshoot

My sweet sweet friend Monica took this newborn photos of Eleanor when she was just about 2 weeks old.  Monica is wonderful.  I was so frazzled this particular morning.  I had wet hair, no makeup, and a messy house.  Eleanor was in a difficult sleeping pattern and wouldn't sleep at all and was just fussy if she wasn't in my arms.  I wasn't really ready for photos, but we did them anyway.  I am so glad we did.  I have been waiting to post these because I wanted Jackson to write down the birth story from his perspective, but I'm not sure that is going to happen so I am posting the pictures without the story.  

I had just given Eleanor a bath.  Her hair is seriously wild right after a bath.  It is becoming less wild as it gets longer, so I am so happy to have these pictures to remember the crazy pouf hair.


karinhawkes said...

Adorable! Look how alert and beautiful she is! Love the ones with you in them, too. Way to not shy from the camera... Hope the adjustment to 5 has gone well.
btw, I'm impressed your wedding ring fits 2 weeks after birth:)

Jamie said...

You and your babies are soo beautiful. You are such an great example of a wonderful, loving mother!

Ashley Beth said...

Beautiful baby girl! She looks a lot like Alexander to me. Of course he's the only one of your children I've ever seen as a baby so maybe all your babies looked like her too. What a bLesSiNg!