Monday, December 17, 2012


I can't believe Eleanor is three months old!!  (Well, she is actually almost four months old now, but in these pictures she was just three months.)  It always amazes me the contrast between how long three months feels while you are pregnant and how short three months feels when you have a newborn!  Eleanor is pretty much an angel baby.  She is a peaceful, content, and happy baby.  She sleeps eight hours straight most nights.  Sometimes she even sleeps longer.  She naps pretty much whenever I want her to and is happy and smiley whenever she is awake.  She smells delightful.  I don't get around to bathing her as often as I would like to, so sometimes she starts smelling pretty ripe, but I still think those smells are delightful.  Her hair is so soft and feathery.  I love the way it tickles my cheek when I am holding her over my shoulder.  She loves to talk and coo to anyone who will look at her.  She is very quiet if no one is talking directly to her, but as soon as you get right in front of her and look her in the eyes she lights up and begins to grin and coo and kick her little legs.  She is an amazing spirit.  I can feel it when I look deep into her eyes.  I get so excited to get to know her better as she grows and matures.  I am so happy to call her mine.  We love you baby Nori!

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