Monday, January 07, 2013

Nori Girl

I have a problem...I can't narrow down pictures of this sweet little girl!  Every little expression is so dear to me.  I just adore the way she holds her hands together, the way her lip pokes out, and how her round little cheeks just beg to be kissed.  Oh, how I love this little Eleanor!  She greets me with the sweetest dimpled smile every time I go to pick her up.  She has so much intelligence and wisdom inside her.  I can feel it when our eyes connect.  This girl is going to do great things.  I don't want to forget it.  Somehow it is harder to remember that when they get a bit older and start pushing the limits.  I have been praying to be able to see my children the way Heavenly Father sees them...not as they now are, but as they have the potential to become.  

I'm sure you won't love these pictures as much as I do, but hopefully you will enjoy them a little :)


Ashley Beth said...
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Ashley Beth said...

I don't know why my comment is doubling up then deleting but what I originally said was:

Oh my word! That dimple! You guys make the most precious babies!


Shelley said...

She is just precious!!!

Karin said...

Jen, these are precious! She is seriously adorable!
Hey- I tried recommitting to my blog recently but the format for uploading pictures has changed. I can't find an option to upload from my computer... Just to create a web album. Do you have the same options? I'm worried I'll lose image quality (to print for books) if I go through Picasa/web albums. What do you suggest?