Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Long Sunday Afternoons

For some reason, Sunday afternoons sometimes get really long.  The kids are all a bit stir crazy, I think, from sitting still for 3 hours in church.  If tempers start to flare we will often get in the car and go somewhere for a distraction.  This particular Sunday afternoon, we decided to go to the high school football field and play around.  Everyone was much happier here than they had been at home.  I got a bit carried away with the camera, but that is typical :)  

Nicholas found a four leaf clover and asked me to take a picture of it.  While I was doing that he bent down and found another one!  Lucky boy!

Jackson grabbed the camera for a while and caught this hilarious series.  Estella wasn't hurt badly, I promise.

I had asked Jackson on Mother's Day to take a picture of me with all of the kids.  That is a hard task and it just didn't happen that day.  He asked if I wanted him to try while we had time.  We didn't want to ruin the peaceful time we were having so we decided to try, but not push too hard.

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Kara and Cody Markham said...

So cute! I love the pictures with you and all your kiddos. Beautiful!!