Sunday, October 06, 2013

Don't grow up!

Sometimes I wish I could freeze time.  Even better, I wish I could jump back to a certain point in time whenever I want for as long as I want.  That's not too much to ask, is it?  There are so many things I love about babies and toddlers.  They are so easy to love.  You get to hold them and smell them and kiss them and squeeze them and feel their excitement and join in their wonder and laugh at the adorable things they say and do.  I even love their cries sometimes (not all of the time).  Like this...isn't her sad face so cute!?!  I just love it.  Since I can't stop time or have my time traveling wishes, I'll just take LOTS of pictures so I can remember these times.  

I love the way she is using this as a phone.

Her legs are all dirty because she crawled out the back door after her brother left it open.  She was crying in the first picture because I sent Estella out to bring her back in so she didn't tear up her knees on the rough pavement.

Mmmm...this neck.  I love to kiss her right on the back of the neck.  I needed this one in black and white and color :)

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Jamie said...

Oooh her neck sure is kissable! I wish I could nuzzle her right now.