Monday, August 18, 2014

Cell Phone Camera 3

Estella's Kindergarten Graduation.

While I was at the checkout counter at the dollar store I looked over to see all five kids intently checking out the coin machines.  Alexander was on to something else by the time I got my camera out.

Eleanor always wants her shoes off.  I have the hardest time keeping track of her shoes because she is always taking them off in random places.  We were hanging out in the gym at the church waiting for our two cub scouts to finish.  I love the hairy eyeball face she gives me when I'm not giving her what she wants fast enough.

This spring the runoff made the irrigation water particularly dirty and clogged up the neighborhood irrigation filter really fast.  We all pitched in to keep it clean.  Alexander and Eleanor were my little helpers.  They loved riding the trike over with me.

Nicholas having a turn conducting his little orchestra at Suzuki camp.

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Julia said...

What cute little graduation gowns! What a darling little girl she is.