Friday, September 12, 2014

First Day of School

The first day of school is always so exciting.  This year was particularly exciting because the kids were at a new school, Tope Elementary.  We switched mainly because we were having really rough afternoon/evenings trying to get everything done when everyone was tired.  Now, we get all of the instrument practicing finished in the morning before school.  The afternoons are so much more relaxed and carefree.  We are all enjoying it.  We are also really enjoying riding bikes to and from school (it's about a mile each way).  I pull the youngest two in the bike trailer.  When Eleanor is feeling a bit spunky, she screams "Woo Hoo!" when I go fast.  It is adorable.  

Thomas and Eleanor have a really sweet relationship right now.  Don't let Eleanor's face in this picture deceive you...she LOVES Thomas.  She calls him "Mah-Mo"


Heart Mommy said...

Essie... I adore your heart shirt! You look practically perfect for your first day. Everyone else is pretty good look'in too!

Jamie said...

Your kids are so attractive! I love how excited Nicko looks. He is just radiating nerves and jitters.