Thursday, January 10, 2008


Here is a picture of our sweet little Christmas girl. We have had some computer issues the past week and Jackson had to wipe the computer clean and start from scratch. It is sure nice that he learned how to do that when he was working for the Air Force. It has saved us more times than one. We have been hit pretty hard in the sickness department lately. We all (including the baby) got a BAD cold. We all had barking coughs and felt pretty crummy for a good week. Most of us are still coughing, but I think we are past being contagious. Today Nicholas has been flu sick. He has thrown up at least 8 times...poor little guy. We feel lucky, though, that this is unusual for us and that we are usually very healthy. Feeling a little under the weather sure helps you be grateful for feeling good most of the time.


Smitty n' Chelle said...

hey Jen, I hope you get better soon. We have ALL had it too. It is no fun, it seems to be going around. We were sick for Christmas with it si that was no fun and ended up giving it to Josh family that came for Christmas, oops! I hope they will come back again :) She is sure growing and as cute as ever. Do you have a program that does all the fancy stuff to your picstures? What is it, it sure looks cool.


idahomayos said...

So sorry you are all under the weather. Good health is definately a blessing:) Something we thank our Heavenly Father for daily. Hope you all feel 100% better soon.

Cheers to good health and happy kids!
Stacy M.
PS. You do post beautiful pics.

berrymom said...

I have Adobe Photoshop Elements. I want to become a photographer in the future, so I am trying to slowly learn how to do that. Right now I am working on learning Photoshop, so I can touch up pictures and make them look professional. It takes a lot of time to learn the program.

mary said...

Awww... she is so cute!! What is up with these winter sicknesses? I hate them!