Friday, August 22, 2008

More Wedding Pictures

I thought I was done putting wedding pictures on here, but I couldn't resist a few more. This is one of my favorites from the whole weekend...I love the expressions!
I really like this picture...I just wish I had focused on his eyes instead of the gate...oh well.
The wedding was in the evening and Jackson's mom got us all hotel rooms so we wouldn't have to travel late into the night. It was so nice. The next morning we played at a park that was close. It was one of the funnest parks I have ever played on.
Thomas and Newell on the seesaw. This was a great, safe seesaw. It was fun for one alone, with two, or three or four. You could sit on the seats, stand like these boys are, or sit/stand on the middle platform. It was very well designed.
This was great! Jackson and I got in it together. We started it spinning and it didn't take long for both of us to be ready for it to stop...the only problem was we couldn't make it stop! I thought we would be stuck on that thing forever. Finally we worked together and got off. We were sick!

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