Monday, October 04, 2010

Nicholas and Alexander

Nicholas loves Alexander. These pictures are from the first week of Alexander being home...I don't have any pictures from weeks 2-4 because my mom went home and I went into survival mode! I am amazed at how comfortable Nicholas is with baby A. Nicholas will hold him and stay relaxed even when Alexander starts to cry. When he cries I ask if Nicholas wants me to take him. Usually, he will say, "No...I will help him," and then he will hold him close and shush in his ear or give him "nosies" or talk sweetly. Nicholas can usually calm him down.

About a week after Alexander was born, Nicholas came to me and said, "Mommy...I don't want to be an artist when I grow up anymore....I want to be a daddy." When I told him that he could be both a daddy and an artist at the same time he excitedly replied, "Really? Hooray!"


Karin said...

You can just see the love in his face for his little baby. Glad he is enjoying his role as big brother and is anticipating fatherhood!:)
-so scary 'bout the heimlich, too. Glad you knew to act fast.

Rachael said...

How sweet that he wants to grow up and be a daddy! I love it!!

Jamie said...

I love this!!!! I am missing you all so so so so much! These pictures are the best.

Shelley said...

So sweet. Edison says the same thing "i want to be a daddy" and it just melts my heart!