Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Art Project

We are starting to fall in to a schooling rhythm. Monday through Thursday, we focus on reading, math, writing, and grammar. Thomas has more to do than Nicholas, but they both have assignments and lessons every day. It is a bit crazy trying to get to everything. Because they are so young, much of their work requires me to sit with them. By Thursday I feel a bit worn out. We push through Thursday and then Friday is our official project day. We do art, history, science and anything else we feel like. I bought a very expensive art program and am so happy I did. It is called Artistic Pursuits. I skipped the first book and went for the K-3 book 2 because it sounded more interesting to me. It is perfect because it requires no preparation from me. I pull it out and read the interesting story about an artist with the kids. Then I turn the page, see what art project they have planned to go along with the story, pull the supplies out of the kit and off we go! The projects encourage the kids to look at the world around them and create what they see. They get to experiment with a large variety of quality art materials.
This particular Friday we felt like getting out of the house, so we went to a quiet park. Thomas chose a tree stump to use as the subject of his scratch art.

Nicholas chose a leaf. They both worked hard and were proud of their work. Hooray for a fun Friday!

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Ashley Beth said...

You ROCK! What a good homeschooling mama you are already! So did you take Thomas out of school this year and are finishing it up with homeschool? Wow, I'm impressed at your commitment! Your children are so blessed by you.