Saturday, April 16, 2011


The kids all say such funny clever things. I usually wait too long to write them down and forget them. Last week I started grabbing at scraps of paper and scribbling them down right after they said them. These are a few of my favorites from Nicholas.
Nicholas to Essie..."If you can't choose who to marry because they are all the most fun, you can just do einey meeny meiny mo on them."

Thomas to Nicholas, "I don't want chores when I am dead."

Nicholas..."I do. I would miss playing my cello if I didn't have chores. I will ask Heavenly Father and he will give me a cello that is just the right size, and then I can play it."

Nicholas must have had a primary lesson about the Word of Wisdom. At dinner he was very concerned and said to me, "I saw Dad put some tobacco on his food!" It was tabasco, not tobacco.

After requesting a drink several times with no response Nicholas boldly said, "Thou shalt get me a glass of water." It worked :)


Kara and Cody Markham said...

So cute!! I love the things kids say!

Ashley Beth said...

Literally laughing out loud over here! That kid is a adorable!

CJ said...

So cute. Nicholas is such a handsome little man. Maybe he and Georgia will attend BYU at the same time? :)

I need to start writing down more of the things my kids say. I am like you, I hear them and laugh and intend to record it, but by that night I can't remember what it was they said. I need to keep a notepad handy!

Krista said...

The "einey meiny mo" comment has me laughing right now. SO funny!