Thursday, October 06, 2011

Make a Funny Face Mommy

After I had finished taking way too many pictures of my kids in the driveway, Essie said she wanted to take a picture of me.  I got everything set, showed her the button and helped her hold the camera up facing me.  After a few shots she said, "Okay, now make a funny face Mommy.  That was good, now a different one."  I'm not very good at making funny faces.  I planned on just deleting them, but decided against it.  These are for you my funny face queen!


Karin said...

Now there's a good mom:)
The lighting in these pictures (and your kids biking) is so great! It is so nice that you are capturing "daily life" activities.
And yes- I bet Essie is riding a 'real' bike next summer! So fun!

Lena said...

I don't know exectly where I must write my comment ;) Your family is so nice!!!! I'm sooooo happy to meet you !!!!