Friday, June 12, 2015

Mom's Birthday

For my birthday this year I told the kids (and Jackson) that I'd like to go get some pictures of the kids.  I didn't want anything fancy...just for the kids to cooperate and sit together without complaining.  I DIDN'T want to spend the time and effort to get them dressed nice or do their hair or anything like that, so they are just as they were at the end of the day. Also, I'm including lots of duplicates with black and white and color so I have the options accessible when I put together our yearly photo book.  The black and whites do a good job of hiding the clashing clothes :)   I love these kids so so so so much.  

Eleanor stopped cooperating at this point, so you won't see her in any photos for a while :)

Here, Grandpa G. called us on Facetime.  We sat right in the alley and visited for a while.  We love him!  Jackson started liking the camera and wouldn't give it back.


mary said...

Jen, these are absolutely perfect. I love them. These are the kids you will miss one day... messy hair and all. And it is so nice to see pictures of you. You are lovely!!

Edmund and Jazzy said...

Cute hair cut!!!

JaNae said...

I just spent a few minutes browsing your gorgeous photos. What a beautiful family you have! Hope you are well!