Friday, September 18, 2015

A Sunday Morning

With church starting at 1:00, Sunday mornings can get a bit long.  Daddy has meetings all morning, so Mom and the kids hang out.  This particular Sunday everyone got ready earlier than usual and I decided to take some pictures of the goings on.  

Our dishwasher suddenly didn't have any electricity coming to it one day.  I kept hoping it would suddenly have power if I waited a few days and jiggled it around a little, but that was a silly hope.  We hand washed dishes for a couple of weeks while we were waiting for it to be fixed.  When the kids help nicely, I don't mind it so much.  I find it really enjoyable when everyone is working happily together.  I don't enjoy it when I have to remind and remind people to keep working, or when they start fighting about who is doing more or less than their fair share, or other annoying things.  This was one of the sweet dish washing moments.

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