Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Goodbye Pebbles

When we got chickens, each person got to pick out and name their own.  Nicholas really wanted to be sure his didn't turn out to be a rooster, so he picked a breed called "Black Sex-Link" which, as I understand it, is when they breed a specific type of hen with a specific type of rooster and because of their genes the boy chicks are all one color and the girl chicks are all a different color making it a guarantee that you get the sex of chicken you want.  We were surprised and sad to slowly realize that sweet Pebbles was a rooster and that meant we couldn't keep him.  Looking back, we think we figured out how this happened.  When Nicholas and I were peering in to the mass of black little chicks climbing all over each other at the feed store we spotted one that had a little spot of white on his forehead.  We thought it was really cute, so we chose that one.  It turns out that baby Black Sex Links don't have white spots on their foreheads.  We picked a misplaced little chicky.  Darn.  Poor Pebbles became Sunday Dinner for those of us who had the stomach to eat him.  

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