Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Community Playthings Blocks

First of all, I was looking through my pictures, deciding what to write a blog on, and I realized that I don't have very many pictures of Thomas. This isn't because I don't want to take pictures of him, it is because he doesn't want me to take pictures of him. Any time I get out the camera and point it at him, he turns his face and says, "No pictures." Estella is the easiest to take pictures of right now. Nicholas doesn't mind it, but it takes some work on my part. Anyway...to the point...I did get a few pictures of Thomas while he and a friend were building a jail for the bad dinosaurs and a castle for the king and queen.
Let me say that I LOVE these blocks that we have. We bought them for Christmas 2006 and I am happier and happier with them as the boys have gotten older. Jackson had this same block set when he was growing up and LOVED it, so that is how we knew about them. They are from Community Playthings. They are expensive, but worth every penny. If anyone is considering getting them, the shelf is SO nice. My mother in law bought that for us when we told her we were getting the blocks. It is from the same company as the blocks.
The other shelf that has toys on it is also a Community Playthings shelf and was a gift this year from my parents in law. I love it for a few reasons. 1-it has wheels that you can flip, so you can use them or tuck them under. They are great because if I don't want all the toys out everywhere I can easily turn the shelf around facing the wall, putting the toys out of sight and reach. 2- The back of the shelf is a flannel board. I don't have any flannel board stories yet, but Thomas and I made a few animals that are fun to arrange. Well..there's my plug for Community Playthings...expensive, but worth it.


Elisa said...

Those look fantastic! I just looked up their website...do you think you could email me a little more info on the kind that you have...are they the unit blocks and how many piece set do you have? Thanks!

Rachael said...

I remember you told me about those blocks a long time ago. Now that Eli is older I could see him liking them. I just need to teach him the fine art of cleaning up after himself!

mary said...

I'm sending David over to play with your toys. Right now he is sitting on the chair eating some imaginary "chwokate" (chocolate) with all of my kitchen utinsels, evidently bored of flinging blocks around our living room.

Unknown said...

I still have the unit blocks that my sister and I got when I was two. I am now 46 and my two year old daughter plays with them. Prior to her arrival my neighbor children would come over for a "break" and play with them. They were also used for some years at a pre-school where my mom was the director.

These are great blocks. Durable, and fun. We also got a set of the mini-blocks.

I admit that I still like playing with them too and can remember the structures that my sister and I would make. Barbie houses with Davey Jones and Bobby Sherman, and also race track for cars and trucks.

We have some of the trucks, large and small also.

These toys are built for use in pre-school settings so they are built well, and have been for years.

Sure beats all the plastic stuff that is so much cheaper, but not as much fun.