Monday, March 03, 2008


We are so lucky to live so close to cousins. Jackson's brother (with 4 kids) and sister (with 2 kids) live here in town. We see them at least once a week. We had Jackson's brother's family over for dinner last week. They came over right after church, which is why they are all dressed up. They all love to take turns holding baby Essie.

Clarissa (8) holding Estella

Juliette (1)
I love being an Aunt!
My sister Kara got engaged last week to a great guy named Cody. They are planning on getting married this summer. I am so happy for her. Cody is a very lucky man! Kara is going to be such a great wife and mother. Maybe within 5 years I will be an aunt on my side of the family!


Unknown said...

Congrats to Kara! How exciting. I love that you caller her Essie. That was also the name of Ashley's car in college and my parents always called me "Bessie." Besides all that, it's a great nickname.

CJ said...

I agree, it is so great living close to cousins! My siblings also live within 10 miles and we love getting all the grandkids together at mom and dad's house on Sunday afternoons so they can play.