Wednesday, June 25, 2008

First time swimming

Estella is a WATER BUG!!! She loves the water. I have been able to tell that from the first time I gave her a bath. Last night, I gave her a bath in the big tub for the first time. It was like christmas to her. She was thrilled and excited the entire time...even when I poured water over her face to wash her hair.
I really wanted to get some cure swimming pictures, but playing with three little ones in a pool and keeping a camera safe and dry don't mix very well. I did manage to get this one after-swimming shot to capture Essie's first time swimming.

She is in motion. It is so fun to see her set her sights on something across the floor and then half crawl...half squirm her way there and grab it. She is a determined little girl.

This is often the state of Essie's hair first thing in the morning. It is wild!

Last week, we had our Berry family dinner at the park and Bubba (Jackson's dad) brought his RC boat. The grandkids all had a blast manuevering it around the pond. This is a pic of Thomas having his turn.

Nicholas didn't care much for controlling the boat...he was content playing in the mud and throwing rocks into the water.


CJ said...

We have a water bug too, it makes swim time much more when they are fearless! I just love the picture of Essie in her swim suit! That is SO cute!

April said...

I need to take a photography class so I can have cool pix like you guys. Man, these are fun.

Amy said...

How fun! I love how kids just love the water. Looks like you guys are up to loads of fun this summer.

mary said...

We too have water lovers! I love her little swimsuit! You are so brave-- I refuse to even bring my camera to the pool!