Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Mr T

I think I have finally realized that Thomas isn't little anymore. I keep looking at him across the room, searching for a hint of a baby-look to his face, and not finding it anywhere. I can't imagine 8 months from now watching him disappear onto a big yellow school bus.

Today I feel like holding on to every last minute of childhood.

Other days...I feel like I wish certain parts of it would go faster....today, though, I want to cherish it.

Here is Mr T...Tom-O...Thomas...helping me practice for an upcoming photoshoot.


CJ said...

Wow. Did you do something to make his eyes 'pop', or is that just him?

berrymom said...

I saturated the colors in the whole picture a bit, but nothing specific to his eyes. I think it was just the way the light was hitting his eyes that makes them so sparkly.

lance said...

I love looking at your blog purely for the pictures. Mine are super boring by comparison and more often than not taken from the camera on my phone. Ha! Ametuer. You look great and so do all of your kids. I hope all is going well.