Friday, June 26, 2009


Peas straight from the garden are delightful!

And so are the boys who love to eat them.

Thomas and Nicholas have different approaches to eating the peas.
Thomas carefully and precisely snaps off the stem end, pulls the string, and opens the pod.

Then he scrapes the peas into his mouth using his top teeth. Yum!
Nicholas just bites right in, pod and all.

He does avoid the string if's a bit tough.


mary said...

I am much more like Nicholas. =D

Great picture, Jen. Your focus is amazing. The most important part of a picture -- and the hardest part. At least for me. What aperture are you shooting at?

Elliot said...

mmm. We are loving ours too!

Karin said...

impressive gardening! Glad the boys are enjoying the fruits of their labor...

JaNae said...

Oooh, they looks so fresh and yummy! I love home grown peas!