Thursday, October 08, 2009


I am taking an online 4 week photography class. The last assignment was this...If you had to leave home and take only one item (besides people and pets) what would it be? Take a picture of it in three different types of lighting (ex. indoor, midday, and late afternoon). I decided the one thing (which is actually three things) would be my children's blankets. I don't know what I do, but all three of my kids are attached to a blanket. Not just kind-of-like-it attached...they are seriously I-won't-go-to-sleep-without-it-and-want-to-take-it-EVERYWHERE attached. I just photographed Nicholas's blanket for the assignment, but it inspired me to take a picture of all three of them with their blankets. (excuse the red processing...we have also been encouraged to try some new things with photoshop for the class).
This bottom picture is the one I submitted for my class. This is actually the second blanket for Nicholas. It's a long story, but basically the first one was lost, my mom made a replica (she had made the first one) and then months later the first one was found in tatters in a horse corral). Thanks Mom! You're the best!


mary said...

Jen, I want to take this class. Did you do explore or evolve? I have had a hard time getting a response from the site. Would you recommend it? How did you get on the wait list? Love that last picture.

mary said...

p.s. my kids are oober-attached to blankets as well! Except the blanket fairy had to take David's, because he sucked his thumb with it. That actually wasn't a bad transition.

Monica Hudson said...

Yeah, we are blankie people, too (myself included...though I did finally retire the thing to a nice box once I got married! lol!) There's just something comforting about a warm, soft blanket that makes the world alright! Love the pics - I'm hoping to take a class soon, but it has to be one that's not too expensive (some day's I still feel like we're in school...when does our bank account finally reflect our responsibility level??) - do you have any suggestions? Thanks, girl - PS - I'm SO glad you came the other night. Thank you...I love spending time with you - I think you are one of my favorite people around here!