Sunday, October 04, 2009

Making Apple Cider

Last week, while we were in Fillmore visiting my family, we pressed apple cider at a family friend's orchard. We did 6 gallons using apples from my parent's trees, and another 6 gallons with apples from their trees.

You send the whole apples into the chute and it chops them up really fine.

There is a slatted wooden board, then a wooden frame which you cover with a special fabric square. When the frame is full of apple chuncks, you fold the fabric tightly over the apples, take off the frame, add another slatted board, and do it again.

When you have enough layers you slide it over to the pressing end of the machine.

It slowly presses down and the juice pours out the bottom into a bucket (a very clean bucket).

Then you pour it through the strainer to catch any chuncks.

Fill the jugs and enjoy!

I am not a fan of store bought apple juice, but this...this was incredibly tasty and satisfying!


Monica Hudson said...

You guys do some of the most fun things! I love fresh cider - looks tasty!

April said...

Yum! I love the new blog header!

Rachael said...

YUM...we are going to Gilcrease Orchards tomorrow to pick pumpkins and I always get their apple cider on the way out. I love theirs!

Jamie said...

That is really cool. Where did you do that at?

I love your pics and the perspective you take them. What talent you have.

berrymom said...

We did it at the Roper's barn. My mom does secratary work at Ropers lumber yard now, and Alan let us use his cider press. He is such a generous, kind person!