Monday, October 26, 2009


Jackson's dad called us last week and asked if we wanted to meet right after dinner to go fishing. We went, and had a great time!
He ties his own flies and had one that looks like an ant. He told Thomas to just let it touch the surface of the water and the little fish will bite it every time.

Sure enough...they bit right away.

Thomas with his first fish.

Removing the hook.

We put them all in this bucket and then set them free again. There were two that were big enough to eat, so we did take those home, cooked them, and ate them.

This is how Thomas felt about the whole experience!

Next time we are going to bring a pole that is a bit smaller and more manageable for Nicholas. He had a hard time maneuvering that big pole! Thanks, Bubba, for the fun time!

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Laura said...

I haven't looked at your blog for a while and I can't believe how big your kids are, they are so cute! I realized while looking at it that I don't look at it that often because it makes me miss Grand Junction too much-especially all those pictures you took of your kids on the swings at the park-it is one of the best parks I've been too!