Saturday, May 29, 2010


I am going to be playing catch up on the blog for a while. My sister Jamie came to live with us for the summer and I am finally feeling like I am on top of things ( isn't's her!). She is so helpful and fun to have here. I only wish I could do as much for her as she is doing for me. We have almost finished my first blog book that goes from the beginning of the blog to about 5 months is 222 pages already! I plan to print one out every year from now on. Maybe then it will be a more manageable project.

Two of Jackson's siblings live here in Grand Junction, and between their families and ours we make up all of Jackson's parent's grandchildren (but only for another month or so...Jazzy is expecting a baby soon). A while before mother's day we got all the cousins together for pictures, which we put into a wallet sized accordian album for Jackson's mom and grandmothers for mother's day. Amber and Julia, if you want prints of any of these, just email and I'll order them for you.

Presenting...the Berry cousins.

Yes, I know Thomas's shirt is REALLY wrinkled. This was before Jamie came to my rescue.

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