Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Happy Halloween

Yes, I really am that far behind! I'm not quite sure where all the time is going, but it is sure flying by. Halloween was SO crazy that I didn't even take pictures until we were all home, costumes off, pigging out on SUGAR...gross. This year we decided to do a one night free for all with the candy and then get rid of the rest of it. The kids dove right in and I was relieved to have it all over with at once. I didn't like last year, when I let them have one piece after lunch and one after dinner, because even when all the candy was gone they expected a treat after lunch and a treat after dinner. It took a lot of tears and dealing with angry children to break that habit.

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CJ said...

That is a really good idea to let them indulge for one night and get rid of the rest. I might try that next year!