Thursday, December 02, 2010

Utah Trip: Music Lessons

We took a trip to Utah back in October. We went to Salt Lake. My sister Jamie brought a friend and watched our kids in a hotel room while Jackson and I went through a temple session together. The next morning Jackson observed several cello lessons, Nicholas took a private cello lesson with Megan Titensor, and Thomas took a private violin lesson with Debbie Mensch. After the whirlwind music morning, we drove to Provo and had lunch with Jamie and Jake in the park, and then drove the rest of the way down to Fillmore. I took WAY too many pictures to put them all in one post, so I'll break them up over several.

Here are a few pictures of Nicholas with Megan. She was so great with Nicholas. He generally takes a while to warm up and feel comfortable with people, but he and she hit it off right away. His favorite thing that she taught him was the "Ants, ants, ants, digging in the dirt, dirt, dirt" song.

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