Saturday, January 08, 2011

Math and Science Center

The day after Nicholas and I went to the Math and Science Center on our date, we decided to spend a morning there as a family. This is my absolute favorite place to take my kids in the winter. It is full of hands on experiments and learning tools geared directly toward children. I have to kneel to be at the right height to do any of them. It is small enough that even though my kids are all doing different things, I know where they all are. There are wonderful volunteers there that delight in teaching and making it fun for the children. It is rarely crowded. There are usually only one or two other families there when I go. My kids never get bored is like a time wharp when we walk in there...I blink and two hours have past and everyone is still interested and happy. I plan on spending many more mornings there this winter.

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monkeystevens said...

awesome!!! I wish there were something like that here; I would LOVE that! And hopefully Mason would too...haha! Good idea on the dates with the kids; my sister/brother-in-law do that too and it's been a great success.