Saturday, January 29, 2011

What have we started?

I let this happen once and now she wants it to be a regular thing. I tend to just say no. Jackson tends to just say yes. She has learned already who to ask when she wants to do something like this. Oh least when she asks he fills it up with clean water :)


Karin said...

That is funny that she would request to bathe in such a small area- but I LOVE bathing Joseph in the kitchen sink (it rarely happens, but whenever I do I think I should do it more often). Why? Because I can load/unload/clean the kitchen all while he is entertaining himself-without making more messes around the house. When he bathes in my tub, I just don't get as much done!

Jamie said...

That is hilarious. She is having a blast!! I had to crack up at the picture because right above her head are the kitchen knives.