Saturday, May 14, 2011

Chess Tournament

Thomas participated in an elementary school chess tournament several weeks ago. Each child got to play a minimum of five games. In between games there were challenge stations set up that worked on different chess skills. We don't know all that much about chess. We know the rules of the game and that is about it. It was a fun time and Thomas enjoyed himself. Nicholas somehow entered himself into a prize drawing by completing a challenge and won a very nice chess/checkers set. He and Thomas have been playing chess at least once a day ever since.

These are pictures at the chess tournament. Thomas and his cousin Brynne were in the same age bracket and got to play each other for one round.

These pictures were from the day before the tournament. Nicholas and Thomas were practicing. Nicholas is excited that he will be able to play next year :)
Some of the pieces were missing, so they improvised with their money.


Ashley Beth said...

Your kids are so awesome {and accomplished}. Mine can't even play checkers yet, let alone chess! Maybe I better get on the ball here! Glad it was a fun experience for Thomas and I'm sure Nicholas will do great when he's old enough to participate.

April said...

Super cool. My guys are chess players, for sure...though Tate doesn't quite play by the rules yet. :)

Karin said...

So did you learn about this through the public schools, and just sign him up? Your pix are cool!