Friday, May 27, 2011

Child Labor

I'm pretty sure this would be classified as child labor, but it isn't forced. He wanted to try mowing the lawn and we weren't going to turn down a willing mower! He mowed most of the front lawn, did a great job, and was very excited about getting paid for it.

He had a hard time not leaving strips and tufts of long grass in between rows, but got much better as he went along. We have worked out a deal...$3 for the front lawn with tufts, $4 for the front lawn with just a few tufts, and $5 for the front lawn with no tufts.


julie said...

Man your nice! I don't pay my slaves. ;)

Elisa said...

Wow that's pretty good. I'm not sure Elisabeth would be skilled(or strong and tall)enough to mow the lawn. Charlie's not too much younger than her so maybe in a couple of years we'll have ourselves a mower too :). Elisabeth will be a good babysitter though.