Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Paper Bag Game

After the baby blessing Kara and Cody had a barbeque in their back yard. A lot of Cody's family came and we had a great time. Cody's brother Shane started up "The Paper Bag Game." The rules...stand on one leg and pick up the paper bag using only your teeth. You can't touch the ground with your hands or other foot. After everyone has tried, you cut off a bit of the bag and everyone goes again. It keeps getting shorter and shorter until you are basically eating grass. Quite a few of us are a bit competitive, so it was exciting and very entertaining. So if you are ever at a party and things are feeling a bit dull...pull out a paper bag and a pair of scissors...they will liven things up!

Once again...the pictures are out of sequence. The three of Jackson particularly are much better in sequence. Oh well.

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Krista said...

Well... I want to know who WON! :)