Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Nori Bug

This little girl is so delicious!  I love to stick my nose right in her neck crack just below her ear, feel her squishy cheek and her fluffy hair and her warm body up close.  She is not a snuggler and demands to be held facing out.  When I try to hold her facing me (which I do every day) she forces her arm between my body and hers and twists and pushes until I relent and turn her around.  She is so pleasant and sweet and happy and lovely.  We love being around her.

Alexander got face with a ball point pen!  I cringe when I look at these pictures and see how close he got to her eyes.  She must have some angels protecting her.

She is a great eater.  I can't think of anything she doesn't seem to like.  She does prefer to feed herself, though, and that is pretty messy.  I think if I was consistent with feeding her myself she would let me, but it is just so much easier to throw some chunks of food on her tray and let her have at it while I help everyone else.

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