Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Eleanor Turns 1

Eleanor turned one August 15th.  I can't believe that is almost a month ago!  I am REALLY behind.  Jackson was in Denver doing his USAF Reserve drill duties for two weeks.  Those two weeks landed on top of Eleanor's birthday and Nicholas's birthday.  We did a lot of google hangouts and phone calls to stay connected.  I decided to go to Fillmore one of the weekends.  We drove there on Eleanor's birthday and had a party for her that Saturday.  Aunt Jamie and Uncle Jordan brought a bump-n-jump that Jordan's dad owns.  My kids LOVED it!  Cooper loved having control of the spray gun.  

After dinner we all sang and had a delicious cake that Aunt Kara made.  Eleanor didn't quite know what to do about the burning candle.  Thomas ended up blowing it out for her.  Aunt Kara had also made an adorable sign that said "Happy Birthday Eleanor."  I am so sad I didn't take a picture of it.  Thank you Kara!

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