Monday, November 25, 2013

Phone Pictures

I am not good at downloading the pictures from my phone very often, so these are all really old, but I still want them in our family photo album. 

This is Eleanor's favorite drawer in the kitchen.  Actually, her favorite is the bottom cupboard where I keep tubs of flour, sugar and wheat.  She loves to open those tubs and play in them....messy!!!  I stopped her by putting rubber bands around both handles to keep them closed.  This works great unless someone forgets to replace the rubber band after they have taken it off.  

This is our FULL fan!  We fill it up now.  Poor Thomas is quite squished in the back between booster seats, but he is a good sport about it.

Alexander before church...he is one handsome boy.

Potty training is a beast.  I dislike it strongly.  We are doing well now, but we went through some very very very rough spots.  Alexander went through a phase of pooping on the carpet.  UGH!!!
I love my cub scouts.  These are their "Recycled Raingutter Rigatta" boats.

This is the sidewalk, side patio, and curbing we had poured in our front yard.  I LOVE it!  We look forward to when we have saved enough money to do the other half of the front yard :)

I love this comic.
Thomas lost a tooth while we were playing at the park.
Eleanor in her woombie.  I keep trying to wean her of it by letting her arms out.  She sleeps okay when I let one arm out, but when I let both arms out she doesn't sleep as well, so she is still sleeping with one arm trapped inside the woombie.

Piggie tails!!!  I was so so excited that her hair would fit in to pig tails.  The next day was a sad sad day when Alexander cut her hair right in the front.  It is now months later and it still won't quite fit.  I'm glad I took pictures the one time I was able to do it.

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