Wednesday, May 07, 2008


I just love this picture! Like I said before, I didn't have any ideal fabric for a background, so I was using what I could find around the house. Jackson's grandma left a bunch of fabric here when she left, so I found this in her stash. I was initially planning on trying to take some photos of Estella and change them to black and white using this as the backdrop, so it was set up when Jackson bribed Thomas to sit for us. I only took a few shots with it before I changed it to something more manly, but I think it is perfect for this expression!

I am behind on pictures, so I don't have a visual image to go with this story, but I want to tell it before I forget it. Today, Thomas and Nicholas were playing dress-up. Nicholas pulled a bright multicolored clown wig out of the box. He ran up to me saying (in all seriousness), "Look like yours!" I waited and waited for a grin or a twinkle in the eye to show me he was kidding, but it didn't come...He only repeated his devistating remark. I will post a picture of him wearing "hair like mine" soon :)


B.E.C.L Wall said...

That is such a great picture of Thomas! That expression is priceless!

Jamie said...

Haha, i can't wait to see the wig. Kids say the funniest things. Not sure what your hair color is at the moment but I doubt it's multicolored:)