Thursday, May 22, 2008

A few pictures

Jackson made it home from Las Vegas last night. That was a long week for us! We are so glad to have our daddy (and husband) home. I am so thankful that he doesn't have to leave us regularly anymore. Thanks for the lunch ideas! I really needed a jumpstart.

The weather has been so nice lately. The boys think the hose is the best toy right now. I have a nozzel on it that has different sprays. Their favorite is the "gun" because it sprays hard and far. They love to spray it everywhere.
Thomas really likes to pick flowers for me. I have taught him that the only flower he can pick without permission is a dandelion. Dandelions are never more beautiful than when offered with love from your little one. So sweet!

Here is a picture of our sweet Essie Boo. I don't want her to grow up. More than ever before I just want her to stay exactly how she is right now.

And here is an old, but recently touched up picture of Thomas.


Karin said...

So true, so TRUE about wanting Estella to stay young! I feel that SAME way. Realizing I don't have "james, elizabeth and a baby". That "baby" is growing too quickly, wanting her own way with her own opinion and own personality. Good thing there is something fun at each age to look forward to and enjoy. You don't even know what her voice sounds like, or if she's left or right handed or... or...or... so much to discover. Enjoy it!
ps i love your title collage.

Smitty n' Chelle said...

what cute kids you have!!